Why I Started A Personal Blog

For years now I have been blogging for various websites including HealthCentral, my charity the Intense Intestines Foundation, and my patient productivity project Chronically Better You. Yet for some reason I have never created my own blog to share personal stories, advocacy efforts, helping other patients, the knowledge I have inside me that might help others, and writing about anything I want during this journey called life.

Along the way I have been asked by many people if I had a place they could send friends who are battling a chronic illness, or just a spot to share my positivity to help others. Now I will have the ability to do this and more. I plan on this blog to be a spot of motivation, advice in a wide variety of areas, and hopefully to inspire others to try just a little harder when they can.

I am really excited to get started and have some big news to share in my personal, triathlon, and professional life. I guess it’s time for me to start blogging.

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