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And The Best Actor Award Goes To…

When your best friends sends you a message that they are having a group of actors over their apartment in New York City to act our a murder mystery, you change your plans and go. This is what happened to me last week and I’m so happy I was able to make it work with my busy schedule these days.

This was not what I was expecting for a regular Wednesday night, but when I heard that the Murder Mystery Co. in NYC was going to be performing at my best friends apartment while she recovers from knee surgery, it was an easy decision. Not to only see what this at home show as all about, but also to spend some time with Kim.

I asked a lot of questions to actors before we got started because that’s what I do, and found this business really interesting. In short, a group of actors can come over to your apartment or house, set up a few props in the area the murder mystery will be performed and they are all set to go.

Shortly before you begin, they assign characters to everyone attending and some pieces of costumes to complete the transformation. I was got the roll of Mort Peacock, the owner of a costume store and generally in a bad mood all the time due to a horrible marriage he wants to get out of. Luckily for me, “my wife” was one of the actors so I was able to play off her a little.

As the night went on, the real actors guide everyone along the storyline and all of the amateurs are able to go around and ask questions about the murder that just happened right in front of us. Before you knew it, all of us were in character and trying to figure out who committed the murder at the Billionaire’s Midnight Ball.

In scene as Mort Peacock

It’s hard to put into words how hard everyone was laughing and the time we all had. I didn’t realize it, but I guess I really got into character because I won the “Best Actor” award in the group. This was an honor I never thought I would ever receive in my life. I thanked all the important people in my life and slowly got booted off the stage by the music being turned up. Haha I wish that happened but it didn’t.

Needless to say, if you have a chance to take part in a production by Murder Mystery Co. don’t miss out. Make the time and have some fun with a great group of people. The actors make it super easy to get into the roles, and the laughs are pretty much constant. At the end of the night, only one person guessed the murderer correctly, but we were all winners for sure.

I never thought I’d be able to win a “Best Actor” award

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