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Finding The Ability To Overcome Adversity With Chronic Illness

Over the last few months, life has not been easy for me, and it is starting to wear on me. Between my Crohn’s disease is in a minor flare, my asthma making it hard to breathe daily, my arthritis causing all my joints and bones hurt, and a back injury which I am trying to work through, it’s been rough.

The good news is that I have been here before. I’ve lived through MANY time when my health has not been good in a variety of ways and found my way back to a “normal” routine again. Even while journaling the other night when I was practicing my gratitude I wrote down…

I’m grateful for the mindset and strength to overcome the road ahead to reclaim my health.

Now, this is NOT a “mind over matter” situation. It’s going to take a lot of work. Forcing myself out of bed to make sure I get in light workouts to start, eating correctly to reduce any inflammation I have in my body, meditating to put myself in a better headspace, and anything else that might help.

The biggest thing to remember when taking on any challenge like this and reclaiming your health is to do what you can. I am not in Ironman shape right now. I feel weak and tired a good portion of the time so I won’t be doing any workouts that I did last year. For now, it will be light elliptical, some light TRX workouts to gain strength, taking my dog Aspen for longer walks, and other leisurely activities like the above I listed.

Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.

John wooden

If you are in a similar place with your health, don’t think that you are ready to take on a big challenge. I am an Ironman, and I will be doing simple elliptical workouts just to get my blood flowing. Depending on where you are with your health, you need to set up a plan which allows you to make small steps forward and progress towards your goals.

With the right mindset as someone living with a chronic illness, we have to find that even moving forward with turtle steps is still a perfectly acceptable pace when we face adversity. Don’t get frustrated by what you see others doing or not being able to do what you would like. Our minds are still functioning like an average person at times, but we have to remember that our bodies may not.

How do you face the challenges of living with a chronic illness and being in the right mindset in order to take on challenges ahead? Please comment and let’s start a conversation.

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