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Tools That I Use To Manage My Chronic Illness – 4 Minute Read

We all have days that don’t go as planned. Our bodies or minds don’t cooperate which makes is hard to stay on top of the tasks at hand. I’ve always found that following a pattern and using the resources around me allowed me to sometimes still make some sort of progress even on the bad days.

One of the biggest problems when living with a chronic illness is there aren’t many tools that help manage our day to day life, keep us motivated, or just be there for us when we are down. I’ve found the right resources that have helped me, and I wanted to share them with you.

Now you are going to scroll down and notice one major thing, many if not all of these are not specifically about living with a chronic illness. What I’ve done is changing my mindset to resources like these and I don’t get mad with the fact there aren’t options like these for patients like us. Instead, I look for the parallels that can be made from various areas to living with chronic illness.

So don’t shy away from these just yet. Hear me out and keep reading to see how these resources or tools might help you too.

1- Darren Hardy – Success Mentor

Years ago when I was really down and looking for inspiration to start a job and succeed, I stumbled upon Darren Hardy who is the creator of Success Magazine. While this is very, business and self-motivation focused, there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not able to connect what Darren says to live with a chronic illness.

Darren Hardy and his “A-Team” offer a wide variety of services they charge for, but one of the best is ABSOLUTELY FREE. That’s right, FREE. Darren Daily is a motivational video that is sent to your email Monday-Friday to inspire you to start your day off right. These are priceless pearls of wisdom that can change your mindset and bring focus to moving forward with any type of adversity.

I highly recommend signing up for Darren Daily and trying this FREE service out. Don’t go into it thinking this is for businessmen and women, remember that you’ll be able to make connections to living life as a spoonie.

Check our Darren Daily by clicking here.

2 – Centr Training App

A few months ago Chris Hemsworth (AKA Thor) created his own health app with his entire team of fitness, diet, and overall health experts. The amount of help this app can bring to a spoonie who might want to be healthier is astounding.

Here is a quick list of some areas that are covered by the app.


  • Strength Training
  • HIIT Workouts
  • Boxing
  • Functional Training
  • Foundational Training
  • Yoga
  • MMA
  • And MORE


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies
  • Supplements
  • And MORE

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Health Tips
  • And More

If you want an overall health app that will give you direction every single day, this is the best one I’ve found so far.

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED! Everything can be adapted to your ability and what you feel comfortable doing.

Plus there is an online Facebook community to be part of and get support from as well.

Check out the Centr app by clicking here.

3 – Headspace

Our minds are racing all the time, and it’s 100% understandable when you consider the tremendous amount a spoonie has to think about. We don’t just wake up and start our day like others. No, we wake up and have a job that starts the minute our eyes open.

For this reason it’s important to keep not only a balance life, but also a balanced mind. This is why I’ve found meditation to be part of my daily routine. Even just 10 minutes can make a big difference in clearing your head and lowering your stress level.

Mediation is something that people don’t master immediately. It’s actually a skill that needs to be learned. The great part of the Headspace app is that it teaches you how to go through the process to calm your mind and improve your mindset with meditation.

Check out the Headspace app by clicking here.

4 – Journaling

There are many choices when it comes to journaling these days. At times it can be dizzying with all the options. I’ve found some of the productivity journals to be the best options for a spoonie though. Why is this? Because even if we make small turtle steps each day, it’s still productive for us to reach our goals.

While productivity journals are designed for individuals in the business world, I’ve adopted the system for my own purposes, fill them out how I see fit and start to see the results from day one. Even checking off one box a day makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something…and sometimes that is enough to make us feel like we’ve made some progress.

Check out Best Self Co for their journaling system. I’m also trying to develop a journal specifically for patients with chronic illnesses with Chronically Better You.

These are just a few of the tools that I use daily to improve my life with multiple chronic illnesses. They aren’t designed for patients like me, but I’ve adopted these practices and then made them my own for my lifestyle. You can do the same and start to see improvements in your day to day as well.

What are some tools that you use to manage your daily routine or keep the structure in your life? I’d love to hear what others are using.

*This post will be updated with new tools as I explore others and find options that work well for patients just like me.*

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