Chronic Illness, Spoonie Sunday Strolls

Spoonie Sunday Strolls #1: Big News & What Will Spoonie Sunday Strolls Be!

For a while now I have wanted to share more videos to help others in the chronic illness community, but even though I’ve done countless speaking events I couldn’t find the courage to begin a YouTube channel or IGTV. That all changes TODAY! Why you ask?

Well, during this crazy pandemic that we’re all living through I wanted to take a walk but I had no one to take a walk with and share what I wanted to talk about as a Spoonie. So I came up with the idea for Spoonie Sunday Strolls in order to discuss what I and many others have on their minds.

What will Spoonie Sunday Strolls be? As I share in the video, they will be a lot of things.

  • A place for me to rant and share thoughts that many of us have while living every day with the challenges of chronic illnesses.
  • It will also be a place to share mindset changes we can all work on in order to improve our mental health, and in turn our physical health.
  • I’d also like to share tips, tricks, hacks, and products that have not only helped me but have also helped many other Spoonies as well.
  • Lastly, I hope to have guests on so others can share their own journey with the chronic illness community and how they’ve worked to overcome their own challenges.

As many projects in this day of age on the internet, this will probably be an ever evolving journey and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I also promise that these will get better as I learn more and figure out how to improve my videos along the way.

So come take a stroll with me, let’s talk about what we’re all dealing with on a daily basis as Spoonies, and let’s improve together. Remember, walking and movement is healthy for all of us, so get off the pandemic couch and let’s start putting one foot in front of another to live better with chronic illness.

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