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Hello and welcome to my blog, The Spoonie Ironman. After blogging on other sites and areas of the internet, I decided to start my own and more personal blog. A place where I can not only share my own stories but advocate for the chronic illness community as well.

For years a passion of mine has been to help others. Whether it be one person I am talking to on the phone or speaking to hundreds at a conference, I am addicted to the feeling of my head hitting the pillow and knowing I was able to help others.

Why do I think I am qualified to help others fight their chronic illness?

In the short time I’ve been on this earth (36 years) I have had more surgeries than laps around the sun. Some of these have been minor, some have been major, I have been able to experience highs during remission, and lows when flares were years at a time.

Through all of this, my friends and family have always asked how I keep a positive mindset and how I keep moving forward. I always tell them the same thing…

Do I have any other choice? The other option is laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and falling into depression.

Me – The spoonie Ironman

Just a few years ago, I was bedridden yet again after another major surgery, one of the worst I have ever had to recover from. It was at this time I decided that I was going to do everything I could to turn my life around, to give myself the best shot at living a “normal” life.

In the hospital before one of my biggest surgeries

In the end, I went from hardly being able to get out of bed and having a visiting nurse take care of me every day, to crossing the finish line of a 140.6-mile IRONMAN triathlon. Living proof that life can change, but the cause of this change is not a magic treatment or medication for most, it is the hard work that goes along with the proper treatment plan.

Crossing the finish line of IRONMAN Mont Tremblant

When you combine working with your doctors and a determination to do everything in your power both mentally and physically to overcome your illness, incredible things can happen.

After everything I have been through, I was told I could help others, and that is what I have set out to do here at The Spoonie Ironman.

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