Chronically Better You Patient Journal

Over the years I’ve found that living an organized and structured life with my many chronic illnesses only helps. Yes, there are days I’m not able to follow as much as I want, but having a plan on paper and in my head still helped. Even if I just followed my plan a small amount, I still felt like I was moving at least one thing forward, and sometimes that’s key as a Spoonie.

During this time, I picked up tips from various business leaders I follow and began using a productivity journal designed for professionals and entrepreneurs. It helped me make huge strides with my life and career over recent years, allowing me to hit goals I never thought I would hit (like becoming a Spoonie Ironman). But I didn’t think it was well structured for Spoonies….

So I decided to take what I have learned and create a wellness and productivity journal, specifically designed for patients with chronic illness.

What is the Chronically Better You Patient Journal?

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I LOVE and I mean LOVE talking about organization, wellness (both physical and mental), and productivity. So I want to make myself a resource for you as well.

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