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Brian fog, it’s real and completely misunderstood. Living with a chronic illness, not only means having an overactive brain to succeed at a 24/7 job we never signed up for, but having a mind that just doesn’t work the way we’d like it. Similar to Mom brian or just not being able to think due to fatigue, brain fog can end a day in its tracks.

But what if there was a way to stay on the tracks, or at the very least on a similar path?

There are many organizational methods top CEOs and leaders use in order to run their businesses and lives. Could it hurt a Spoonie to try to adapt some of these methods? What if we followed proven methods to fight back against their chronic illness?

Below are just some of the tools that I have read about and seen work with countless examples, but they aren’t the same tools. They are adapted to make life easier as a Spoonie.

Spoonie Priority Matrix

This matrix will allow you to get a birds eye view of what you’d like to get done in an ideal world. You’ll then have a better idea of what you’d like to prioritize to bookend your days.

Night Routine

Your nightly routine is the most crucial part of creating habits. Waking up without a plan takes away the ability to wake up with purpose. Setting up your day the night before will allow you to know what you’d like to get done.

Morning Routine

Your nightly routine has set you up to start the day. Now you have a springboard to take action. You have a plan that you can follow. Even if you get a small percentage done each day, you’ll still be making turtle steps in the right direction to reach your goals.

Complete the short form below and within 24 hours I will send you an email with the Chronically Better You Spoonie Productivity tools. I’m excited for you to take this step and can’t wait to at least cyber meet you. – Brian Greenberg, The Spoonie Ironman

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