Spoonie Tools

Run your life with a chronic illness like the CEO of a successful company, and you’ll see amazing results. After years of reading books to learn the habits of some of the most accomplished people in the world, I’ve taken some of their systems and tailored them to help Spoonies live a better life every day.

The key is to create daily habits that take some of the variables and stress away from life as a Spoonie. Once routines are set, you’ll be able to take turtle steps (or bigger ones) to set out daily goals in order to reach better physical and mental health. Check out my Better Life Patient Journal and Patient Habit Creation PDFs to start your journey to becoming a Chronically Better You.

Spoonie Productivity PDFs

Fight the dreaded brain fog and make your life easier by following systems similar to some of the most successful people in the world. Create habits that bookend your days and put you more in control then ever.

Better Life Spoonie Journal

I created a productivity and overall wellness journal specifically designed for those of us who are living with the daily challenges of Spoonie life. Enhance your mental and physical wellness, while becoming a more productive you.

Coming Soon

A I’m working on developing new tools to help Spoonies all the time. Stay tuned for other options that can help you.