I hate the way everything went down and in a different year I might not watch, but with the quarantining I’ll take some baseball over no baseball.


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The county is hitting record highs with the #coronavirus and the “President” is patting himself on the back about the jobs report which will crash again soon as states pause or close again since we don’t have proper leadership in this time of crisis. What a f’ing idiot!

Realized I have taken in too much news today and I'm way off track. Time to recover and crush the rest of the day. Setup to WFH on the couch and putting the opposite of news on the TV, @DisneyMoana. The day just got way better.

If @ParamountMovies were smart they would release @TopGunMovie now as a @PrimeVideo Cinema movie. I know I would pay for it now and still see it in theaters when they open. Plus, guys need this right now!!! Please @ParamountPics, pretty please!

It’s simple math. If we’re doing such a great job with #COVIDー19 in the US, why are our numbers not improving compared to global stats? We still have roughly 25% of the worlds cases & deaths, and that’s been steady. The fact is we’re aren’t doing better than others, were worse!

With #COVID19 cases soaring in the #US and experts saying we’re completing 10% of necessary #testing, the #coronavirus is showing the #world that the #US is filled with selfish and stupid people! #Maskswork, just look at the low numbers in NY and CT! We wear them here! #WEARAMASK

Very interesting read in the #WSJ about how the #currentoutbreaks are different from #NYC and earlier outbreaks. Bottomline, we need to do better. We need to #wearamask.

Dear @Microsoft, I wish your To-Do app would integrate with @Outlook better and look similar within the software instead of just a unpolished task lisk. Your products are better but @Google does a better job integrating them all.

Recently it’s either #injuries or not feeling well. I’ve had a thumb, knee, and now back #pain. In addition my #Crohns is starting to #flare. I know what I need to do and I will be pushing myself to get into a #routine again. That always helps. For now, working from the couch.

BREAKING: Today NY reached a new milestone.

Total hospitalizations fell to 996 — dropping below 1K for the first time since March 18th.

Together we bent the curve. And we aren’t stopping now.

Wear a mask. Keep 6 feet apart. Wash hands. Stay smart.


The @MLB owners and the @MLB_PLAYERS are just as much of an embarrassment right now as the “President!” From everything I’ve heard I side with the players and blame the owners, but the fact that $$$ is the hurdle while most Americans are struggling is pathetic.

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