It's easy to get lost in social media these days and watching others live their life while not fighting the way you might be. Remember, your path is your own and it's okay to take this journey at your own pace.

I always like to try to improve myself and the life around me. This podcast from @LewisHowes and the #SchoolofGreatness is one that EVERYONE should listen to.

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I've been a little out of it the last few days with my #chronicillness but wanted to catch up on my @LewisHowes #SchoolofGreatnessChallenge that I'm putting on myself. Below are the videos or podcasts I've listened to the last three days.

I'm going to take a challenge of my own the rest of the year by watching AT LEAST one @LewisHowes video daily. No reason to not take advantage of such an incredible resource right at my fingertips. Thank you #theschoolofgreatness!

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Really @FOXTV? Putting politics in the middle of #SuperBowlSunday? This about football. Not giving a dictator a spot to talk about how unfair his trail was...WHEN HE BASICALLY DIDN’T ALLOW WITNESSES OR DOCUMENTS!

I try to stay out of politics and while I lean slightly left, I do my best to see the middle ground and not go to one side only.

With that said, the “lawmakers” of our country are moving forward with a “trial” without witnesses or documents, just their own voices. #thisiswrong

What’s the biggest challenge you face with #chronicillness?

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