I have some new projects in the works, including #SpoonieSundayStroll. A short video series where I talk about everything #chronicillness life while going for a healthy walk. Check them out on my new @YouTube channel.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like for those who don’t have to worry about their health. Wouldn’t that be nice? #chronicillness #Spoonielife

Starting the day a little later than I wanted to but still following a system that I know works. When one thing doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean you throw out the whole plan keep moving forward. #chronicillness #spoonielife

Big Congrats to the @Buccaneers and @Chiefs. @TomBrady vs. @PatrickMahomes is a dream matchup. Time to officially pass the torch to the young gun TB.

My routine for the day doesn’t start in the morning, it starts the night before. I stretched and used my #theragun to recover for the week of training ahead. I’ve set up my calendar for the following day. I’ve reviewed my tasks for tomorrow too. Now I wake up with a plan/purpose.

Been following some of my favorite #IBD advocates this week and from all their meetings. Check out @GutlessGlamour and @nataliesparacio, amongst many others. Tons of great information for the #crohns and #ulcerativecolitis community.

You can also watch #SpoonieSundayStroll episodes on Instagram with IGTV at

What are some thoughts you have about living with #chronicillness while you walk?

This week’s #SpoonieSundayStroll is all about accepting our #diagnosis, the challenges, and the work that will have to be done to live a better life with #chronicillness. Check it out, let me know your thoughts, and please subscribe for more videos.

You know you’re a dog person when you’re getting the bed ready, accidentally toss Lamb Chop too far off the bed, and hear “OHH NOOOOoooooooooo” in your head as she’s falling! Or maybe I’m just losing my mind?

Busy day today but still got some work in for #SpoonieSundayStroll #2. I’ll be discussing accepting your #chronicillness and the #spoonielife! Follow me on Instagram @spoonieironman or Youtube.

Since switching to @Apple products I’m enjoying the experience, but there are certain simple functions that aren’t available which I don’t understand. Like duplicating a list in Reminders? C’mon Apple? Can’t be that hard. @Google, @Android, and so many other apps offer this!!!

My morning #meditation practice might be becoming more important to me than my morning #exercise routine. If you aren’t doing anything to center and steady your mind, start today.

Starting the day a little later than I wanted but it’s for the good reason of being a good dad first. Soon I’ll make sure I have my morning time though.

Don't settle! @IBDMD tells us we should keep working towards remission. We all know some #IBD patients don't quite get there. It's important to find sweet spot between compromise and disease control. (I personally think this is where patient education comes in!) #CCCongress21

While I watch the @NFL, I haven’t been a diehard fan in recent years just due to having more important things in life. But what’s happening in the league with their hiring practices of #AfricanAmerican #headcoaches, makes me want to watch it less. #dobetterNFL

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