Why do mail apps on @SamsungMobile and @Apple have formatting options for text, but @Microsoft and @Outlook do not? C’mon @Office, you can do better!

#productivity #office365 #microsoft #givemeoptions #cantbethathardtoadd

Also, why am I up and thinking about this at 1:10 AM?

Wow. I'm incredibly DISAPPOINTED in the @SamsungMobile #Note10 Plus 5G camera. Been extremely blurry with the littlest of motion in a picture. Did a test today at the store with their phone too, and the same results.

Two weeks ago I was in Burlington, VT. If you haven't been to this tiny waterfront city, I highly recommend you go. The best way I can describe Burlington is a combination of Boulder, CO and Lake Tahoe. Bonus, the food is incredible too.


I wonder if @exxonmobil believes their "do good for the #environment" commercials? The tech and ability to go #green is now. If the #energy and #transportation sectors came together, the environment could be saved, BUT they have #profits to be made selling #oil and #gas still.

That was a long but #productive #Monday. I love starting the week off this way. Sets the tone for the rest of the week, maybe even the rest of the month.

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When my triathlon season ends, I always fall into bad habits. I feel like this is normal after being so disciplined for almost 9 months every year. It's time to start being healthy again!

In just a few short days of eating healthy I will start feeling stronger. Can't wait.

Hi friends! I'd greatly appreciate a like on my FB page. I share even more content there and do some love videos from time to time as well.

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I only have so many hours I can spend in the office everyday. Today I was there from 8:15-4. My day isn't done though. Just treating myself to some home office time with Aspen now.

Blog Post: Finding The Right Mindset With Chronic Illness And 6 Tools That Might Help

I'm always on a quest to figure out the best way to balance my life with #chronicillness. I've found that surrounding yourself with the right #tools can only help.

How do you spend your #Sunday?

I always like to get in some relaxation and errands, but I also like to spend a couple of hours getting ready for the week ahead.

This includes preparing meals, setting my ideal calendar, and organizing my tasks for work.

#planning #planahead

I love to help others by fundraising for various #diseases. This year I'm raising critical funds for #Crohns and #ulcerativecolitis. Please consider a #donation to the @CrohnsColitisFn. The top fundraiser gets a trip to the @IRONMANtri in Kona! Hint πŸ˜‰

#Ostomy Life - It's amazing how quickly things can change within a day.

I just had to change my ostomy for the second time in 24 hours and it seems to have gotten a much better hold. Fingers crossed my skin is playing nice again.

#chronicillness #spoonies #crohns #spoonielife

#NewBlog Post: Why The #Spoonie #Ironman?

If you've been following my new blog this year, you might have noticed I recently changed the name to The Spoonie Ironman. Since I've been asked a few times, I figured I'd share a quick post about the new name.

#ChronicIllness Life - We all need to take time for ourselves and recharge our batteries. If you're draining yourself, remember that self-care is important.

The last few weeks have been so busy and I've felt underwater. This weekend I am going to take time for myself.

#Ostomy Life - Even the tiniest change in your body can change everything.

I have a small skin irritation around my #stoma, which is leading to my ostomy not sticking well, and causing leaks.

It's not a perfect system, but it's WAY better than alternative.

#Crohns #spoonie

Do you live with a #chronicillness? If you do, you probably know other people who suffer from one as well.

Please do me a favor and share this page with someone who you think might be interested in connecting with me. I love to help our fellow #spoonies.


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