Dear Baseball,

I miss you. We miss you. We’re holding onto hope that we get to see you this year, because your presence would make us so happy.

Yours truly,

Brian & many baseball fans.

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This is why we’ll have a second wave. It’s about density of the population and crowds gathering just like this. One person has the virus here and countless will be impacted. Stay home, shelter in place, there are worse things in the world that streaming shows of your choice.

Molly Schreiber@mollyschreiber

Pathetic and selfish. #COVID19

I don’t like to get to political with tweets that end up on my profile anymore, but this pretty much sums up how I feel perfectly. We’re all sacrificing, lives are being lost, families DESTROYED and he’s enjoying a Memorial Day weekend like nothing’s happening?

Rob Reiner@robreiner

100,000 dead on your watch and you have the fucking nerve to go golfing and accuse Joe Scarborough of committing murder. You despicable piece of shit.

That @Nike commercial narrated by @KingJames is 💯 💯💯💯💯💯 Were poised for a comeback and will and we’ll all have a part in this one!

#HighRiskCovid19 #coronavirus #COVIDー19 #shelterinplace #stayhome

Thank you @CapitalOne, @TNT, and so many I can’t fit for putting on the #TheMatch on for so many of us to enjoy. I’m already smiling, laughing, and my face is hurting since I haven’t been doing as much of this recently.

#HighRiskCovid19 #coronavirus #shelterinplace #stayhome

Activity doesn’t have to be hard to make a difference. I was getting tired and my body hurt, so a nap came to mind. Instead I got up, drank a glass of water and stretched. Now my body feels better and I have a spike in energy.

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Ostomy leaks & changes at 10:56 PM are never fun. In fact, they suck. But it’s part of having an ostomy and my ostomy gave me my life back. The alternative of constant accidents was much worse.

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My mother just told me she wanted to wait and let the pain get worse before she tries a new therapy option for her calf and for pain. This is 💯 the wrong mindset. Always be proactive and try to get ahead of your health. It will shorten the fight to get any pain under control.

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