My journey with chronic illness hasn’t been easy. After years of constant doctors appointments, hospital stays, surgeries, and more, I found a way to slowly manage my diseases and bounce back when my body has said “NO.”

During this time I created systems that other patients can follow, just by learning what some of the most successful people in the world do. I’ve taken their routines and customized them for MY life and the challenges I face. And the best part is, anyone can follow it.

Along the way, I’ve had people ask me to share my story more, help friends or family, and discuss how I have overcome the consistent battles I faced almost every day. So I’ve created a spot on the web to share my personal stories more, inspiration, and tips that helped me the last 5 years, allowing me to reclaim my life.

This will be a place of positivity, but I am also a realist who understands that while living with a chronic illness isn’t easy, but we are all capable of doing A LITTLE more, and some times we just need a little kick in the ass for motivation to get there.

A small turtle step every day, is better than taking no steps at all. My goal is to help anyone interested in making their own turtle steps with chronic illness, and improve the quality of life other spoonies have as much as I can.

Brian Greenberg

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Living with multiple chronic illnesses and constant challenges throughout most of my life, it’s been a rough journey.

But I went from bedridden to Ironman in FIVE years.

Now I am sharing my story to help others live a better life and overcome the adversity they may be facing every day.

Let’s work together and get results.

Below I wanted to share a short podcast episode from a guy who has changed my life in many ways. One of the ways I started to improve my health and other areas is listening to inspirational, educational, and other podcasts like Lewis Howes and his School of Greatness. This specific episode is one I have set up on my internet browser to pop up every morning and allows me to start my day with positivity and motivation I need to follow my dreams.

Set A Big Goal

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